Outdoor Furniture

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Why restore?

Restoring your patio furniture will save you money and keep your furnitures quality intact. The industry standard in the past has been higher then it is today. The quality of the materials use was higher and the construction was better. You can still get high quality furniture today but you will pay for that high quality and still some quality has been compromised to stay competitive with the cheap “throw away” furniture you get today.

We are not a manufacture so this means we are able to spend more time on detail with your furniture. If you have any question feel free to give us a call.

What We Do:

If you have older furniture that has seen better days you may consider restoring it and making it new again. When we restore your patio furniture we sandblast it to the bare metal and then powder coat it. Power coating is a bake on finish so it last much longer and is a harder finish, that will not flake or chip. We have 30+ years of restoring patio furniture and there is nothing that we can not do.

Vinyl strapping:

Most Vinyl strapping on furniture is 5/8” , 1”, 1.5”, or 2”. Most of these we can get in 60+ colors. We also have the ability to custom match and dye the strapping to blend with your house or the original color of the strapping. In addition to the standard sizes of strapping we can get round and oval cord for strapping.


In some cases we are able to identity the manufacture and style of your patio set. Some manufactures sell replacement slings. If we are unable to identity the manufacture or style you have we can custom make slings to fit your furniture. We have a large selection of sling material to choose from.




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